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San Francisco Bay Area Movie Theaters

This is an on-going, long-term project as I will continuous-though-aperiodical-ly add new photos and information to this post.

FYI: My favorite movie theaters in San Francisco are Opera Plaza Cinema and Roxie Theater. (I really want to love Castro Theater but haven’t been there often enough.) In case you haven’t been to these two gems of the city, or even haven’t heard of them, do check them out! Great independent films, awesome staffs (CG, PRC, GW, CR, SF, PJ…I’m talking about you!).

I’ll skip most AMC, Cinemark (Century) and Regal multiplexes since they are basically almost the same and their locations/showtimes/etc. can be easily found online. A few things I would like to mention though:

– AMC Metreon 16 in San Francisco and Regal Hacienda Crossing 20 in Dublin have the only two true IMAX screens in the whole bay area. Yes, you hear me right: all other cinemas that claim they have an IMAX or XD screen have in fact a lieMAX screen. See this discussion for details, or simply check out one of the above two real IMAX screens and revise your old definition for “IMAX”.

– Century Theaters have a Classic Series that shows one classic movie a week on Sunday 2pm, 7pm and Wednesday 7pm. Most bay area Century theaters participate in this program. It is a great opportunity to see the old good movies on big screen again and many of them are digitally restored.

CineArts Cinemas
Empire, 3 screens, West Portal (San Francisco)
Marin, 3 screens, Sausalito (Marin County)
Palo Alto Square, 2 screens, Palo Alto (Peninsula)
Santana Row, 6 screens, San Jose (South bay)

Landmark Theaters
Embarcadero Center Cinema, 7 screens, Embarcadero (San Francisco)
Opera Plaza Cinema, 4 screens, Civic Center (San Francisco)
Clay Theatre, 1 screen, Pacific Heights (San Francisco)
Lumiere Theatre, 3 screens [closed]
Bridge Theatre, 1 screen [Closed]
Albany Twin Theater, 2 screens, Berkeley (East Bay)
Shattuck Cinemas, 10 screens, Berkeley (East Bay)
California Theatre, 3 screens, Berkeley (East Bay)
Piedmont, 3 screens, Oakland (East Bay)
Guild Theatre, 1 screen, Menlo Park (Peninsula)
Aquarius Theatre, 2 screens, Palo Alto (Peninsula)

Camera Cinemas
Camera 12 Downtown, 12 screens, San Jose (South bay)
Camera 3 Entertainment, 3 screens, San Jose (South bay)
Camera 7 Pruneyard, 7 screens, Campbell (South bay)

Lee Neighborhood Theaters
4-Star Theatre, 2 screens, Richmond (San Francisco)
Presidio Theatre, 4 screens, Marina (San Francisco)
Marina Theatre, 2 screens, Marina (San Francisco)

Cinema SF Theaters
Balboa Theatre, 2 screens, Richmond (San Francisco)
Vogue Theatre, 2 screens, Pacific Heights (San Francisco)

Sundance Kabuki Cinema, 8 screens, Lower Pacific Heights (San Francisco)

New People, 1 screen, Lower Pacific Heights (San Francisco)

Castro Theatre, 1 screen, Castro (San Francisco)

Roxie Theatre, 2 screens, Mission (San Francisco)

Victoria Theater, 1 screen, Mission (San Francisco)

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, 1 screen, SOMA (San Francisco)

Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley (East Bay)

Stanford Theatre, 2 screens, Palo Alto (Peninsula)

Bluelight Cinema, 5 screens, Cupertino (South Bay)

Capitol Drive-in Movie Theater, 6 screens, San Jose (South Bay)

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