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10 things I did in 2015

1. I finished my goal of visiting all 50 states, also made it to Puerto Rico and had an amazing camping trip in Alaska.

2. I delivered a wedding speech in French, in France, in front of 100+ French guests.

3. I built a photography portfolio through the continuing study class at Stanford.

4. I had two wonderful trips in Europe, hosted by the family and friends of some of my best friends and made many new friends.

5. I ran San Francisco half marathon again and improved my best time to 1:41.

6. I hosted 54 couchsurfers at home and many of them became good friends of mine.

7. I had a promotion at work. I worked hard to get it so this is a toast to the hard work.

8. I am heavily involved in both GoogleServe and GiveWeek this year.

9. I had a couple of spontaneous trips including one to Athens, GA to surprise a friend at his party. And it’s totally worth it.

10. I turned 30, and I feel great. Both physically and mentally. I’ve never been so happy in my life.

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