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10 things I did in 2016

1. I passed DELF (Diploma of Study in the French Language) exam at B1 level.

2. I have been learning Italian for a year, it is really fun.

3. I went to 7 new countries this year (Malta, Mexico, Iceland, Ireland, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania).

4. I had three wonderful trips in Europe, highlighted by solo camping by a waterfall in Iceland, an unforgettable night drinking with strangers in Bulgaria, and connecting two friends in Hamburg and bar hopping with them.

5. I have been running all year, finished my first marathon in Stockholm (PR 3:39) and did it again in San Francisco, and ran a sub 7’00 half marathon (PR 1:31).

6. I hosted 21 couchsurfers this year, despite a long break; and made some great friends while staying in hostels in Europe.

7. I transferred to YouTube and it has been awesome in almost every single way.

8. I further stepped up in Googlers Give initiatives, led a much larger campaign at YouTube and sponsored two organizations during Giving Week.

9. I finally moved to San Francisco and life is fantastic here.

10. I turned 31, and I feel empowered.

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  1. We probably don’t know each other very well. But you have no idea how much of a big inspiration you are! Keep it up!

  2. Finally saw some updates here, it feels encouraging every time I see how much progress you have been making in every aspect of life. cheers, and top that in 2017!