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10 things I did in 2017

1. I ran six marathons on six continents: São Paulo, Copenhagen, Gold Coast, Mexico City, Casablanca, Bangkok; with an average finish time of 3:48:34 (New PR 3:33:57).

2. I made a photography portfolio on my experience of ten years in the US, then made a pop-up show to share it with my friends. I also finally made my photography website live.

3. I became a Google.Org ambassador, worked all year round to engage YouTube employees with non-profits and led the global volunteering month and giving week campaigns at YouTube.

4. I continued to learn Italian and finished all intermediate level classes, while kept improving my French and learned a little bit Arabic.

5. I worked on interesting and impactful projects at YouTube. Once during a presentation, I argued with an SVP in front of three VPs to defend my work.

6. I went to four new countries (Brazil, Australia, Morocco, Thailand) and finally set my foot on all six continents.

7. I hosted 29 couchsurfers at home and have made lots of new friends through traveling.

8. I fell in love with pasta and have been really enjoying cooking for myself and for my friends.

9. I have been practicing letting go of possessions, and tried to live a simpler life.

10. I turned 32, and after ten years in the US, I feel reborn.

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