10 things I did in 2017

1. I ran six marathons on six continents: São Paulo, Copenhagen, Gold Coast, Mexico City, Casablanca, Bangkok; with an average finish time of 3:48:34 (New PR 3:33:57).

2. I made a photography portfolio on my experience of ten years in the US, then made a pop-up show to share it with my friends. I also finally made my photography website live.

3. I became a Google.Org ambassador, worked all year round to engage YouTube employees with non-profits and led the global volunteering month and giving week campaigns at YouTube.

4. I continued to learn Italian and finished all intermediate level classes, while kept improving my French and learned a little bit Arabic.

5. I worked on interesting and impactful projects at YouTube. Once during a presentation, I argued with an SVP in front of three VPs to defend my work.

6. I went to four new countries (Brazil, Australia, Morocco, Thailand) and finally set my foot on all six continents.

7. I hosted 29 couchsurfers at home and have made lots of new friends through traveling.

8. I fell in love with pasta and have been really enjoying cooking for myself and for my friends.

9. I have been practicing letting go of possessions, and tried to live a simpler life.

10. I turned 32, and after ten years in the US, I feel reborn.

10 things I did in 2016

1. I passed DELF (Diploma of Study in the French Language) exam at B1 level.

2. I have been learning Italian for a year, it is really fun.

3. I went to 7 new countries this year (Malta, Mexico, Iceland, Ireland, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania).

4. I had three wonderful trips in Europe, highlighted by solo camping by a waterfall in Iceland, an unforgettable night drinking with strangers in Bulgaria, and connecting two friends in Hamburg and bar hopping with them.

5. I have been running all year, finished my first marathon in Stockholm (PR 3:39) and did it again in San Francisco, and ran a sub 7’00 half marathon (PR 1:31).

6. I hosted 21 couchsurfers this year, despite a long break; and made some great friends while staying in hostels in Europe.

7. I transferred to YouTube and it has been awesome in almost every single way.

8. I further stepped up in Googlers Give initiatives, led a much larger campaign at YouTube and sponsored two organizations during Giving Week.

9. I finally moved to San Francisco and life is fantastic here.

10. I turned 31, and I feel empowered.

10 things I did in 2015

1. I finished my goal of visiting all 50 states, also made it to Puerto Rico and had an amazing camping trip in Alaska.

2. I delivered a wedding speech in French, in France, in front of 100+ French guests.

3. I built a photography portfolio through the continuing study class at Stanford.

4. I had two wonderful trips in Europe, hosted by the family and friends of some of my best friends and made many new friends.

5. I ran San Francisco half marathon again and improved my best time to 1:41.

6. I hosted 54 couchsurfers at home and many of them became good friends of mine.

7. I had a promotion at work. I worked hard to get it so this is a toast to the hard work.

8. I am heavily involved in both GoogleServe and GiveWeek this year.

9. I had a couple of spontaneous trips including one to Athens, GA to surprise a friend at his party. And it’s totally worth it.

10. I turned 30, and I feel great. Both physically and mentally. I’ve never been so happy in my life.

The Element of Friendship

I have been wanting to do this for a long time — making livinglow tote bags for my friends. I have one for myself for quite a while and I enjoy showing it to everyone. Recently my friend Lina is leaving San Francisco for Stockholm (hopefully just temporarily!), and I really want to make a present for her. So I started to develop this idea of making a personalized tote bag for her. And here it is, the very first “Element of Friendship” edition of livinglow tote. If one day you also get one from you, hopefully you can decipher the code.

livinglow tote bag


Element of Friendship Edition #1


les imparfaits

La semaine derniére, mon amie Emilie m’a écrit un article sur son site Oak Street Laundry Chronicles avec la traduction d’un texte d’Anna Magnani, une actrice italienne qu’elle aime beaucoup. Aujourd’hui, je l’ai enfin lu. Je ne sais pas que comment exprimer ma gratitude, parce que c’est vraiment un article très très beau. Vous devriez le lire.

Tu mets une vie entière à te plaire. Et puis, tu arrives au bout, et enfin tu t’acceptes. Tu t’acceptes parce que c’est finalement toi, et parce que pour te plaire, tu y as mis une vie entière : la tienne. Il te faut une vie entière pour comprendre qu’à qui tu devais plaire, tu as plu. Et à qui tu n’as pas plu… Mieux comme ça. – Bon, il faut quand même reconnaître qu’il est plus rare de rencontrer un type à qui tu plais, et qui te plaît aussi, que de tomber sur un mec plein aux as à Porta Portese !

Il te faut une vie entière pour compter tes défauts et en rire, parce qu’ils sont beaux, parce que ce sont les tiens. Parce que sans tous ces défauts, tu serais qui ? Personne.

Combien de fois je me suis observée dans la glace, et je m’y suis trouvée moche, effrayante même. Avez ce pif, avec ces pommettes, et tout le reste. Et quand les hommes me lançaient dans la rue : « Bella Annì ! Qu’est-ce que t’es bien gaulée !», je comprenais pas. Et entre moi et moi, je pensais : « Belle de quoi ? ».

Et malgré tout, après un million d’années, je les ai compris. Ça m’a pris une vie entière. Et maintenant, quand je m’entends dire: « Bella Annì, t’es vraiment jolie ! », j’en rigole comme une folle. Et je réponds haut et fort, sans en avoir honte : « Ta gueule bigleux ! ».

– Anna Magnani

Il nous faut une vie entière pour nous comprendre, nous accepter, et nous plaire. Mais à la fin, nous sommes là, aprés les larmes et les douleurs, nous serons tous là, plein de bonheur. C’est plus important que tout le reste, n’est pas? C’est le voyage d’essayer nous plaire qui définit nos vies. Et pour toi, ma chère, et pour tous mes amis, je vous aime parce que j’aime ces qui vous êtes. J’aime vos défauts et je les ai aussi, même plus que les votres; et j’aime vos luttes parce que je sais que vous serez mieux. Personne n’est parfait, et vous non plus, mais personne n’est vous. C’est vous, et c’est moi, les imparfaits, qui me veut dire le monde.








K君有一任台湾女友,故台湾腔严重。然K君三番五次于我看< 康熙来了>之时深刻抱怨无法忍受康熙的台湾腔。我相当感动,想必K君是终日自省而出此言。更有一日,康熙来了。K君说,“我真的超级受不了台湾腔的,我不明白耶,怎么会有人把国语说成酱紫啊”。






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