The Portfolio Project 02

To have more photos to show for tomorrow’s critic, I decided to shoot one more set and fortunately found a friend who can model for me this afternoon. Here is one of the shots. It was a lot of fun shooting with him and I’m quite excited about this set.


This is my work for the second assignment of the Photography As Art II class at Stanford.

Assignment: Use at least 5 photographs to form a narrative.

I was trying to emulate David Hilliard, but it turns out to be WAY MORE difficult than I thought. First of all, I can’t align the lines, it’s almost impossible with my 35mm camera especially I also moved my frame. Second, David’s props are carefully designed, while I am basically shooting whatever is there. Third but most importantly, I never did location scouting or communicate with my model, all the details were only in my head before they quick fell apart in reality.

I ended up with Nico’s idea of using this space where lights shed perfectly through a window into the hallway. There are nine photographs in this series, with the same backdrop but Nico placed in different corners of the frame. We had about more than 40 different compositions, yet it wasn’t too hard to pick the photos. Here it is, “boxed”.

Model: Nico, shot on 5D Mark II with EF 50mm f/1.4 lens.


[Update on 2015/02/24]
There are several really valuable comments I got from the critics tonight:
1. People constructed all kinds of narratives. My initial concept is a guy gets trapped at home (or any confined space) and really bored. But at the critic, besides my version, there were also
– waiting anxiously outside labor room
– imitating a cat
– having stomachache
I’m glad there was such variety of responses, which at least proves the series does provoke narratives.
2. People love how the clothes (plain blue shirt + blue jeans) contrasts the wall (white) and wooden floor.
3. Adam loves the mirror on the wall, it makes the composition more interesting especially in some of the pictures it’s blocked by the head of the character.
4. People are divided in whether the bike is redundant. Adam thinks the bike ruins the minimalist style, while I think it makes the scene more realistic. (I later totally agree with Adam, now I wish it were not there!)
5. People like the grid, they like the square frame, and they like the empty picture in the center.