Another odd year

The end of the 2015 season is an emotional one.

Tim Hudson and Jeremy Affeldt retired and were given the most heartfell farewells when Giants just fell short of playoff. I wasn’t there, the last game on a sunny Sunday afternoon, and Bumgarner was scratched from starting it. In the end, does it surprise anyone that Giants didn’t make the playoff? I mean, this is just another odd year. But when I read an email from Baer to the season ticket holders, I almost burst into tears. Yes, we have fought well, and came into this off-season with pride.

I will remember 2015 as the year Bumgarner established himself as one of the elite pitchers and the absolute ace of Giants under the pressure of coming out of a historical postseason, also hitting five home runs and being one hit away from a perfect game. Posey continued to build up his future hall-of-fame resume with all-star numbers and stayed the indisputable best pitcher of the game. Bum and Buster have always been my two favorite Giants ever since I started to follow Giants in 2010 and they keep growing just makes me the happiest fan of the world. Besides the battery, Giants’ home-grown infield has quietly become one of the best, if not the best in baseball. I have seen #FreeBelt back in 2012, Crawford getting better each year with his gloves and hairstyles, Joe Panik and Matt Duffy coming from nowhere and instantly giving their best, and I am so proud of them. And of course, there are also Hester’s no-hitter, Parker’s three-homer game on the magical day when Hudson and Zito reunioned in the Colosseum, and many other wonderful moments in this year. So here it is, the highlight of the Giants 2015.

Man, I love this game, this city and this fucking Giants team. And you know what, next year, it’s an even year. Go Giants!

No Shit !

On my Muni home, I had a very interesting read on McCovey Chronicles about Madison Bumgarner. But then there is a comment talking about Buster Posey, since the article is about franchise players.

“The problem is that unless you’re a Giants fan, Buster Posey is about as interesting as white bread. And he’s the face of the franchise. If you watch the Giants a lot, you’ll see that he does actually have a sense of humor, but to most people, he comes across as wooden and visibly uncomfortable with media attention and he always, always sticks to the script. He’s attractive but in the “special limited edition model from the Square Jawed White Guy Factory” way; his features are so regular that nothing really stands out (unless you’re looking at him from the back). And unlike certain other franchise players on other CA baseball teams, he doesn’t go in for showy bat flips and celebrations when he flies out to right—he puts his head down and run the bases. He so rarely displays any emotion on the field that when he does, it’s noteworthy (clinching a WS, perfect games and no-hitters, and “No shit!”). After that beautiful, beautiful moment in Game 5 of the 2012 NLDS, the broadcasters joked that he actually stood there and watched it go out—for all of a second. He’s boring, especially compared to a lot of other players in the game—including on his own team.”

This comment is pretty spot-on and amusing. Wait, I know his trademark #BusterHug in WS, perfect game and no-hitter, but what is this “no shit!” thing? So I googled a little bit, and found this gif from a lovely tumblr.


no shit ! no shit ! no shit !

Shit! This is really hot. I can watch this gif for a whole day and hear those beautiful words constantly echoing in my head.

7 Things I Learned from My First Bay to Breaker

Just went to my first Bay to Breaker and it was a BLAST! So glad I made it, especially after almost giving up the day before. Here are the 7 things I learned from this very first Bay to Breaker experience.

1. It’s OK to crash it. While the event officials said that unregistered runners will be kicked off the course, there are several reasons they won’t or even can’t enforce this policy. First, The sidewalks are open to public, so you could well pretend that you happen to be in the mood of walking from Embarcadero to Ocean beach on a beautiful Sunday morning in weird costume. Second, number tags are hard to see under fancy costumes anyway, no cop will ever bother stopping a man only to realize his tag is inside the funny looking banana skin. 3. Everyone crashes it. Yeah, that’s sadly true, but crashing Bay to Breaker is not recommended here; If you can afford it, pay the registration fee to support organizing such a wonderful event.

2. Wear costume or stay at home. I didn’t wear costume this year, and felt so embarrassed and shameful. Wearing plain blue hoodie and black running shorts, I looked like an idiot walking among wild animals, superheros, Tetris and dressed-up good-looking European sailors. The flashy green accent on my shoes and shorts may make me not as dumb as people who came in their super-casual grocery shopping attires, but still, this will be the last time I come to Bay to Breaker without a proper costume.

3. Walk, not run. My friend who wished to spectate the event drove in from south bay around 9 a.m. and thought she would miss the better part of the race. It turned out that she not only joined a great portion of it, but also received a finisher’s medal, only that the race is not a real “race” — it’s just a long stroll. There are way too many things at Bay to Breaker to just run by: hot chicks in bikinis, old flabby naked man, cops that hard to tell whether in uniforms or costumes, music stations on Hayes, people watchers on the roofs, drunkies in the Panhandle, bisons in the Golden Gate Park, whirling wind on the Ocean Beach. Bay to Breaker is a kaleidoscope of color, joy, exuberance that makes San Francisco San Francisco, so walk it and walk slowly. (However, to get a finisher’s medal, you do need to finish this year’s 12K before 12:30 p.m.)

Too many things to see at Bay to Breaker that I lost focus.

4. The more, the merrier. Bay to Breaker is a party for social animals, not for loners. Your happiness and excitement grow exponentially in the number of buddies coming with you. If Batman comes alone, well, that’s sort of cool, but Batman vs. Spiderman is way cooler. How about them with all the avengers? Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk…WOW!

5. No alcohol, no asshole. The first half means there is no tolerance for drinking along the entire course, which is pretty easy to understand. This year curb-side drinking is reduced though not completely eliminated by several new practices including the closure of Alamo Square, which makes the event both less exciting and much safer. The second half is fairly literal too. I do admire minimalism, but “nothing” is definitely not the best thing to wear at Bay to Breaker. Well, this doesn’t apply to hot sixpack guys.

6. 12K is longer than you think.I usually run 5 miles a time during my half marathon training without feeling too exhausted at the end, but yesterday I spent more than three hours on this 12K course and it felt like even longer. In fact, San Francisco is a city with an area of 7 miles by 7 miles, so walking across it sounds pretty easy. Yet anyone who thinks so forgets that San Francisco is dense, hilly, beautiful and Bay to Breaker is not just a 12K race. It’s a culture experience, a city party, a chance to be immersed in the liveliness of this city, a process to create and nourish the course, rather than merely running it.

7. San Francisco is an amazing city. I’ve walked in many streets in different neighborhoods of San Francisco. California Street is my favorite hilly route, with its wide, straight, steep road pointing to the sky and cable cars cutting through from the peak; yet Hayes Street completely grabbed my heart yesterday. In the most iconic Bay to Breaker viewpoint, the gentle slope in Hayes valley is guarded by two rows of magnificent Victorian houses, the two lane street between them filled with clamor and crowd all the way from the bottom of the hill to the top. It’s a scene that everyone sees wants to be a part of, however small that part is. It made me proud, it made me alive.



最近租车一直把广播放在口水歌频道,于是听到了这首stronger,其实也就记得反复听到那一句,What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

我第一次听到这句话的时候,想起本打算五月二十五号亲临迈阿密,在巨人的dugout上为Posey举一块牌子,牌子上要写的话我早已想好:It only makes us stronger,颇有异曲同工之妙。
Posey是去年五月二十五号受伤的,我在现场,AT&T park。当时还叫佛罗里达马林鱼队的小替补Cousins决绝地撞向甚至已经让出本垒的Posey。我眼睁睁地看到Posey被抬出了场。踝关节骨折让2010国联最佳新人的2011赛季打了不到一半就彻底报销。

也还是这个Zito,在今年赛季初巨人三巨头接连惨败的关头,挺身而出,投出了一场CGSO,为巨人取得了艰难的第一胜。赛后Huff是这么说的:“It’s no secret he gets buried by fans and the media, everything like that, so … for all the haters out there, that’s for them. I’ve never wanted to scoop a ball to end a game more in my life.”


All those days and nights, tears and pains, prejudices and despises, they only make us stronger. We are here, waiting for the worst, and the best that yet to come.

Yes, we can





我甚至没有看四分一决赛对阿扎,半决赛对莎娃,就想万总说的,在过了科维托娃这关之后,娜姐已然是夺冠大热门了。阿扎抑或莎娃,无非都是大嗓门的稳定版科娃,发球和力量甚至还不如科娃。尽管我做了许许多多荒诞纠结的噩梦,但是我真正醒来打开笔记本搜索french open的时候,胜利者总是同一个人,李娜。




我想摘抄一段昨晚看了一整晚关于李娜法网夺冠的文章中最喜欢的一段,来自tennis杂志的执行主编Steve Tignor。
“Even better, though, was to remember all the times Li had hit all those perfect backhands in Indian Wells and Montreal and Key Biscayne, in Paris and at Wimbledon and on the back courts at Flushing Meadows, all those times I wondered why she wasn’t better. So many players never live up to that potential. Something gets in their way, usually exactly what had gotten in Li’s way—nerves, errors, outside problems, the immense difficulty in making yourself believe that you—yeah, you—can be a Grand Slam champion.”

自从李娜今年的澳网决赛,我一直记得一个人说的一句话。那是李娜惜败克妈之后,ESPN的一位评论员问另一位评论员,Darren Cahill — 阿加西,休伊特,穆雷的教练:你觉得李娜还能回到大满贯决赛吗?Darren说,老实说,我觉得不可能。我对于这句话一直耿耿于怀,虽然我不确定这是美国人天生无畏的直率和坦白,还是对来自网球边缘国家的李娜傲慢的歧视。